Exchanges made easy.

Introducing Advanced Exchanges, the fourth way to exchange with Loop. 

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Loop Basic

Basic Exchanges

Loop Basic lets your customers select a new product in just three clicks. Each item is connected to inventory, ensuring that customers only choose from what’s in stock. 

• Exchange for new variant
• No payment information needed


Starting at $1.00 per return. 


Loop Pro

Shop Now

Shop Now lets your customers exchange for different priced items right inside your portal. This in-app experience uses existing product collections, supports the return of multiple items, and is connected to available inventory.

• Exchange for new products
• Incentivized with bonus credit
• Capture new revenue
shop now

Loop Plus

Shop Now: On-Store

Shop Now: On-Store is an experience built right inside your website. Customers shop the full product catalog to make an exchange and only pay the difference in price. Loop Plus is built for brands seeking the highest quality experience.

• Exchange for new products on your website
• Incentivize with bonus credit
• Capture new revenue